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إستراحة 22/12/2009

Advice for better life)

To make everybody happy around you,
No need to act like a fool,
One real smile from the bottom of your heart,
Can make their day

To be loved by everybody around you,
No need to force them to love you,
Just remove the rancor from your life & treat everybody equally,
And you’ll be surrounded & loved by others

To be acceptable by others,
No need to lie or pretend,
Be straightforward & go directly to the point,
And you’ll be more appreciated & pleasant

To eliminate your fears,
No need to be scared of loneliness,
Be brave & strong, and face your fears,
And remember that you’re not alone
And Allah is always with you

To be peaceful & satisfy people,
Don’t look at their bad & never deride them,
Try to find out their good & always encourage them,
And you’ll see how great & talented they can be

To live better life,Try to convince yourself that this world is evanescent,
And nothing deserves in this world,
And someday everything will be over,
So, be happy, have fun & live your moments


16 Responses to “إستراحة”

  1. яάgǿǿđђ .. Says:

    Tescher (Sarah) .. I really like your topic Mrrrrrrrrrp .. And openly friendly Elly Antti be the same, but I feel you wrote it difficult Shui!! But as far as possible Bhol InshaAllah achieve, and that the most successful ☺☺ ..

  2. tsarah12 Says:

    This is a very good excercise for your brain :

    Say the color you see :
    للمشاركة في لعبة الألوان إضغطي هنا

  3. tsarah12 Says:

    I’ve got 100% from the first time
    try yourself !!!!!!!!!

  4.         = ( яaз'σσᴅ           Says:

    حلووة اللعبه استاذة
    طيب شوفي هاللعبه اذا تقدرين تحلينها
    جبت لكم لعبه يبي لها شي تفكير

    الحين مو مع كل حرف عربي حرف انجليزي
    مو بعض الاحيان تكتبين عربي وبعدين ترفعين راسك يطلع انجليزي
    زي كذا
    انا بكتب بالعربي بس هو بيطلع بالانجليزي يعني الحروف عشوائيه بالانجليزي والكلام الاصلي بالعربي

    hkh fkj su,]di
    انا بنت سعوديه

    هاذي لعبة فك الشفره
    بحط جمله ثانيه :
    gk jsjlju fhgsuh]m hb h`h jrhsljih lu hbovdk

    للأذكــيــآء فــقـط .. آتحـداكـم تـحـلـوونــهــآ ؟؟
    🙂 🙂

    • tsarah12 Says:

      لن تستمتع بالسعادة الا اذا تقاسمتها مع الاخرين
      very easy .. ha ha ha ha ha

  5. nehal Says:

    very nice this play
    oh lllllah Iam smart………..100%
    see yoo

  6. afnan Says:


    استاذه بصراحه اللعبه حلوههه مره

  7. afnan Says:

    استاذه اللعبه حلوه هع

  8. razan Says:

    Thank you, teacher

    Good game …! ^.^

  9. Asooma Says:

    thank you
    teacher sarah
    اللعبه مررررررره حلوه

  10. هديل الفارس Says:

    هاي استاده ساره كيفك انشاءالله تمام
    حبيت انضم لكم اذا ماعندك مانع اتعلم معكم وانتي عرف انا من طالباتك من 6 سنوات يارب توفقين

  11. roaal Says:

    I’m starting to feel tired after the tour will take the rest

    10q T.sara

    I love thes .~

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