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Homework: 10/02/2009

Filed under: Education — سارة الهويمل @ 3:32 pm

   Today girls you will write about any favourite city .

Iwill talk about Riyadh .

Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia . It is located in the center of the Arabian peninsula Although   .

it is very  wide city it is also crowded . In Riyadh , there are alot of malls , hospitals , schools and mosques .  The weather in Riyadh is hot in summer and cold in winter . 

I like to live in Riyadh forever. 


3 Responses to “Homework:”

  1. Alaa Al-abduljabbar Says:

    Hi teacher..
    In question:
    4- Why do people travel ? ( complete)
    They travel to …study .and .to work.…..
    i don’t write (to) again in the second plank.
    has it mark?..

  2. tsarah12 Says:

    Hello Alaa
    You have got a full mark 50 🙂

  3. BdoOr Says:

    Charge the iPod by relevance??

    I hope I hear your responses

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