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إختبار اللغة الإنجليزية للصف الثالث المتوسط 01/02/2010

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مبروك النجاح

كان مستوى الطالبات في إختبار اليوم جيد جدا وهناك بعض الإجابات المتميزة  وأحب أقدم الشكر لبعض الطالبات المتميزات في  كتابة التعبير

مزيد من المعلومات في صفحة ( ثالث متوسط ) ة )

Tomorrow is the Mid Exam for third year

May Allah help the students and guide them to the right answer.

If you have any question you can write it in the comment bellow .


6 Responses to “إختبار اللغة الإنجليزية للصف الثالث المتوسط”


    Hi teacher, Sarah, I’m Schaden Triki student in third grade average, the daughter of my aunt student studying you name Ghada Triki, it always talk about you, I hope to have a teacher like you ❤ , your really deserve the title parameter is well-deserved, I love the English language a lot and made me love Ante More and more ❤ , An English test tomorrow in my school also, I wish I could claim success, with sincere love and respect … 🙂

  2. tsarah12 Says:

    welcome Shaden in our blog
    actually Ghadah is one of my best students .
    today she has done well in her exam .

  3. Malak Says:

    Helloe Mrs.sarah.
    Iam Malak Al-radey from egypt.
    Iam 17 years old.
    I’m from relatives Nehal.
    Nehal always talk about you,
    She says me you are a good teacher, worthy, respected ambitious students, smart, giving advice is very important in life always and very funny. so I felt you are a great teacher
    Really!! I wish more people like you.
    nice to meet you t.sarah

    • tsarah12 Says:

      Hello Malak nice to meet you
      thanks for writing to us
      by the way Nehal is an excellent student …
      She is one of my best students
      I am sure you are like her .

  4. Malak Says:

    This pride to me that you say I am an excellent Girl
    you don’t know me thank you so much
    but, I know Nehal is a good girl , because is ambitious

    • tsarah12 Says:

      I said that Because
      Birds of feather flock together
      ( الطيور على أشكالها تقع )

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