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إنجازات الطالبات 15/03/2009

 A story written by a student

Betool Al Zahrani  3/1     translation : t.Sarah


My name is Samar , I am in the thirde grade intermediate . I lave my balanced life : worshipping , studying and playing . I have many friends at school and family . I have a lot of dreams trying to fulfill them  At school , I used to  look at my friend . One of them attracted my attention . She was wonderful , kind , beautiful , smart and shy . She always smiles . But I was shocked  because she has totally changed .

–     Samar 😦 greeting the classroom ) Alssalam Alikm .

–     Her friends :  Wa3likm Alssalam .

–     Sadeem : How are you today ?

–     Samar :Fine Thanks to Allah .

–     Sadeem  : Did you see what happened yesterday ?

–     Maha : Do we have a homework in the science ?

–     Sadeem : Yes , it very long one You can’t copy it now the teacher is coming .

–     Maha Oh , really  . Give me your note , please , Sadeem

–     Sadeem : Here you are .

–     Samar :  Sadeem .

–     Sadeem : Yes .

–     Samar : Do you know Nuha was absent yesterday , was’t she .

–     Sadeem : Yes , she was . Why do you ask ?

–     Samar :  certainly, she didn’t know about the science homework , she is a good girl she shouldn’t be blame for the homework .

–     ( nuha coming to class and quietly she said )

   Assalam Alikm

–     Wa3likm Assalam ( going toward Nuha )

  Nuha why were you absent yesterday ??

–     Nuha : Oh , I had a cold Thanks for your care .

–     Samar : You didn’t do the science homework Do you ? This the science notebook .

–     Nuha : ( with a big smile ) Thanks a lot . I’ll try to copy it as fast as can thanks .

–     Samar : never mind all friends should do that , I’ll go to my seat .

( the first three class had finished , It’s  the break time . all students are getting out of the class , I saw Nuha still in her seat I went out with my friends , I fogot about her .

Nuha stayes alone in the classroom . till a student ( Muna )from the next class entered looking for one of her friends . She saw Nuha and get closer to her .

–     Muna : Oh , Why are you her alone ?

–     Nuha : Nothing , I was studing for the next exam .

–     Muna : Oh, really . Which exam ?

–     Nuha : ( hesitating ) Ah …..Ah…..

–     Muna  : ( quietly ) Are you here because you don’t want to see others  ? Are  you sad about something .

–     Nuha : How do you  know ?? Is it obvious . ?

–     Muna : Yes ..Your eyes are sad as mine ….. It seems you have a lot of sorrows and sadness.

–     Nuha : It seems you understands .

–     Muna : sure , I also feel of sadness .

–     Nuha : Why are you sad ?

–     Muna :  Are you going to listen to me ?

–     Nuha : of course .

–     Muna :  You are the first one to talk to face to face . When I was four years old my mother died . I lived with my dad .

–     Nuha : sorry to hear that .

–     Muna : It is O.K. My father was kind with me . He replace my mother . But he died six months ago . I lived with my uncle and his family . They take care of me . But I missed my father’s tenderness , I need some one to tell about my feelings . I contact with friend on chatting in the internet  , they were all sad  and some one to express their feeling to .By the way , I can give you the site to go to .

–     Nuha : I’ll try to inter today .

–     Muna : I have to go now see you evening.

In the evening Nuha interred the site , She found a lot of boys and girls chatting about their sorrows . They all gathered to talk about their problem in life . soon she made a relation with some of them . She trusted them . She has been changed even in her appearance , she changed her style  . every body noticed that .

A day after a day …

She has been totally changed .

Students says that a girl of the third grade disappeared , Some says that she  had committed suicide .

Sadeem : girls , Did you hear the latest news ?

Maha : What ?

Sadeem : The girl who is absent for more than three weeks >> I mean Muna .

Maha : Oh , I knew her  What happened to her .?

Sadeem : they say she had committed suicide .

Maha : That’s  unbelievable !!

Samar : It must be a lie.why would she committed suicide .?

Sadeem :  They say her father died and her uncle force her to marry an old man and to leave her study . All teachers knew about her , they don’t want to talk about her .

Maha ; leave her studying and get marry . I remember one day I was  with her at the end of the day at school , she talked about how she loves school . That realy hurts , I feel I want to cry .

Sadeem : Look at Nuha she seems quiet although she was a close friend to Muna . I saw her  so close to Muna .

I saw her eyes  which has no emotions .

The bell of break rang .

Sadeem : Oh, what is the next class ?

Samar : I think it is Arabic class , literature 

Sadeem : Don’t say that the teacher is going to recite the last poems. I didn’t memories any of them because of the mess in the  previous class I didn’t hear what she says ,.

Samar : Start studying them right now .

 My be Nuha didn’t hear the teacher like me I went to her .

Samar : Hello Nuha .

Nuha : What’s up .

Samar : the teacher will recite the lat poems that we studied  last time .

Nuha ; So what ?

Samar : a a a a a  You should memories them to gain marks .

Nuha :  What ever … Go away now .

Samar : You have been changed Why ?

Nuha : What do you mean ??

Samar : I mean you have been changed , your appearance your manner , you erer kind , happy why did you change like this ?

Nuha : I am happy the way I am now . This is not your business ,

Samar Sorry , But I thought we were friends .

Nuha : Friends …… I have no friends go away.

 ( I couldn’t believe that people chane like this . Time has passed quickly . I didn’t talk to Nuha . Nuha didn’t come to school for a week .  I couldn’t stop my self to ask about her . I asked the teacher.

Samar : Can I ask you a question ?

Teacher : Go ahead .

Samar : Why  was Nuha absent last week ?

        You must asked her parents .

Teacher :  Yes , But I can’t tell you , it is personal issues .

Samar : Please teacher tell me I am her friend , I will not tell any body .


The teacher agreed to tell me , She said that Nuha is in the hospital , she committed suicide . but she failed . Why did she do this great sin , I talk to my father to take me to the hospital , I asked the nurse about her she guide me to Nuha’s room .

Samar : Can I come in ?

Nuha : Who is there ?Samar !! What are you doing here ?

Samar : I came to see my friend .

Nuha : sit down .

Samar : How are now ? How do you feel ?

Nuha : Fine …

( silence  for a period )

Samar : Why did you do that ? Do you hate life ?

Nuha : Yes . I hate my life .

Samar : Why ???

Nuha : I fade up .. my life has no meaning . I don’t know why I am alive .

Samar : What has changed < did discover that your life is useless or you want to do what Muna did when she committed suicide .

Nuha : Why do you shout at me now >> it is not my fault My parents are responsible , they were separated , If they stay together . You don’t know anything about my problems .Samar : I know , the teacher told me , Your parents are not responcible for that did they ask you to commit suicide . ,  Do you think that will solve the problem . don’t exaggerate .

Nuha : They said that .

Samar : Who are they ?

Nuha : Some guys I knew them in the internet .

Samar : What did they tell you . to commit suicide

Nuha : They  said the best way to get red of your sorrows and sadness is to kill yourself  .

Samar : If it is the only way  no one will stay alive . everybody has his own sorrows .

Nuha ; But my problems are different .

Samar : How ?  Don’t you sleep on a comfortable bed ?

Nuha : Yes , that’s right .

Samar : Others don’t find it , Did feel of hunger and thirst . .

Nuha : No .

Samar : Some people don’t have the gifts that you have , but they hold the life with all its pain . Nuha ,  do you pray ? Do you ask Allah to help you ? You have to ask Allah to help you to overcome this problem . instead you make Allah angry and you tried to kill your self . You have to thank Allah who keep you alive . this is a good chance to ask Allah to forgive you . pray .. pay charity … Ask Allah to help you … He is the only one can help you … .. I have to leave now my parents are  waiting for me . see you soon .

Nuha : I’ll try  .

Samar:  Goodbye .

( After a month Nuha come back to school with her first appearance and a big smile )

Nuha : Samar Assalam alikm

Samar : wa alikkom Assalam wellcomeback

           How are you .

Nuha : I am fine Thank to Allah and then thanks to Samar . After you leave me I made ablution  and pray . I asked Allah to forgive  all my sins … I felt of relief , then my mother came to me . Al Hamdo lilah .

Samar : I am happy for you .

Nuha : Thank you .



Sorrows …. Worries …. Problems …. And every thing faces us in our life may make us loose  hope … But if we recognize the purpose of our being in life .. all what happened  is a test from Allah .. we are the ones who make success or failure . ..

We should try to make our happeness out of our sadness . Faith is a mix of patience and thanks . patience in grief  and thanks for gifts . 


Bettol Al – Zahrani  3/1







Friendship :

Dear students ,

                               Let’s share our thoughts , our memories

          Lets  write about our friends and friendship .





The first day at school

My mom took me to school on the first day 

I was so happy and surprised by the new place . 

suddenly I looked around , My mother wasn’t there anymore

She slipped out , I ran and shouted (Mom – Mom ) 

No body answered . I decided to go home .

The gate was opened I went out , Oh my God There is a man there 

Where do think you are going ?

Simply ” I want to go home !!! 

Come on go inside the school you can’t go now ” he replied

At that time I cried and cried , Then I saw My neighbour “Norah” and sat with her in her class ” sixth grade “

GIRLS : tell us about your memories .



41 Responses to “إنجازات الطالبات”

  1. Alaa Al-abduljabbar Says:


    Hello teacher Sarah 🙂

    I remember that first day at school *-).
    I woke up from sleep and I was interested about the school.
    I went to school with mom and when we were on the road. I was afraid of the new world.

    When we entered to the school, I was surprised about a lot of girls and very very frightened then I cried a lot. Mom toke me to group of girls and she went a little far from me. I went to look for my mom in the teachers room “I know the school”. I sat with my mom until the end of the time.
    And I continued to cried every day for approximately one a week.

    My memories were painful. And I was suffering from the cruelty of the teacher, because I was crying a lot :(.

    Good bay (F)


  2. tsarah12 Says:

    very good Alaa
    You are the first to write on this subject.
    Painful memories will never stop our hope to bright future.
    I miss you .

  3. Alaa Al-abduljabbar Says:

    Thanks teacher sarah..
    I am so happy : ) ..

  4. nehal Says:

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii t.sarah How are you?
    I happy so much because you my teacher and you my favurite teacher
    because you a blessing from Allah&&&

    l still remember the day I learned a very important lesson.
    l had a history test. i did not study for the test because i watched
    TV all evening , my friend showed me her answers and Icopied
    them.Igot a highmark but I was very sad. the next day,I told my teacher that Ihad cheateb. she reminded me of the prophet
    (peace be uponhim) saying about cheating and made do the exam again.
    I miss you so much teacher sarah
    good bay <<<

  5. Atheer al Saif Says:

    The first day at the school I was very happy. I remember that my mother gave me money to spend at school. Also, my parents took me out to the bookstore and bought me a new pink bag and I was very happy. In the school I saw a lot of girls and it was nice that my mother was with me all the day. I was exciting with teacher’s response when I need an answer. I started making friendships with the girls in our class. Anyway, it was unforgettable day and I will never forget it all my life.

  6. tsarah12 Says:

    Nehal ,
    It is good to correct our mistakes
    I am proud of you .
    keep on writing to me .
    thanks alot .

  7. tsarah12 Says:

    Atheer Al-saif
    Your writing is excellent .
    Really, you are a special girl in the class .

  8. shahad AL- nafesah Says:

    The first day at school
    I wake up in early morning and
    I am so excited to go to school .
    I went with my mother and I was
    So happy . from the first day .
    I made a good relationship with my friends and
    I play with them . I am so happy and
    I did not Cry. Later on , I saw Maha
    (my neighbour) and she was in the
    same class .I was so happy to see her .
    Time went out ,then my mother com to
    Take me home with some gifts.

  9. tsarah12 Says:

    good little girl you didn’t cry like me :(.
    Thanks for your writing.
    see you.

  10. shahad AL- nafesah Says:

    thans you so much teacher sarah***

  11. shahad AL- nafesah Says:

    thank you teacher sarah **

  12. BdoOr Says:

    Friendship involves mutual knowledge, esteem, and affection along with a degree of rendering service to friends in times of need or crisis.” Friendship is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies ” Aristotle said.Friends will welcome each other’s company and exhibit loyalty towards each other .They will also engage in mutually helping behavior, such as exchange of advice and the sharing of hardship. Friendship is nothing more than the trust that someone or something will not harm them. Building friendships takes time. Friendships require self-disclosure so any friendship has risks, Talking and listening builds friendships. Friendships require equality and loyalty from friends.Friendships as well as all other relationships must have limits. You set limits with your friends because you care for them and your relationship with them, and never mortify their feelings.

  13. tsarah12 Says:

    Always Bedoor is the first .
    Writing of high level .
    Thanks for your quick response .
    : )

  14. miss p!nk Says:


    thaaaaanx t.sarah…..

  15. BdoOr Says:

    thank you t.sara
    I am happy because my subject is the First subject

  16. tsarah12 Says:

    A story written by Betool Al Zahrani 3/1
    pictures : Sarah Al Hammad
    design : t . Wedad Al- Hammad
    Translation : T. sarah Al Huwiemel .

  17. batolah Says:

    thankyou very much I have a fantastic teachers
    I promise .. God willing that I work hard to finish the powerpoint show and God willing it is will be wonderfull show
    I hope you waiting me
    your student Betool AL-zahrani

    • tsarah12 Says:

      Good Girl Batolah …
      May Allah help you .
      One day you will be a famous writer .
      In sha’a Allah.

  18. tsarah12 Says:

    One of the student established a site of her own
    to communicate with her friends .
    She is Vv
    Raghad Al Eid 3/1
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    This is her site :

  19.         = ( яaз'σσᴅ           Says:

    Theacher : Thank you very much much much much, but thank Nora Atawaim < Moom al5leeg < for her that she helped me a little p open a new site of my own site which has quite like me, go back and tell you thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂 ..!

  20. tsarah12 Says:

    Another creative student
    Nehal Hanafi
    from 3/5
    She wrote a book full of stories for children
    Great effort from a young girl .
    May Allah protect her .
    You can see it here

  21. nehal Says:

    Hello dear T.. Sarah
    I am very happy you know I am crying now
    I don’t know why ,Very surprised by what you say, I hope you always remember me
    I am now as a result of your trouble you are really, you made me Isee the future and aspire to him no matter what the difficulties
    On Saturday, I will make aspecial surprise (for you)only
    I hope that you like this…
    see you tomorrow My example ensha Allah

  22. tsarah12 Says:

    Nehal :
    You are crying because you have succeeded
    Remember … Put an aim .. sure you will fulfil it .
    Depend on Allah then work hard .
    Best wishes .
    ********** Tomorrow *************
    I have a surprise for 3/5
    😀 😀 😀

  23. sarah Al-hindei Says:

    Congratulations nehal…..
    you Deserve it

  24. Al-fouton Says:

    Congratulations Nahoola
    very beutiful …good girl

  25. Mai Says:

    Congratulations noney
    I hop more in the future
    your teacher is so great
    thanks Mrs.sarah
    Your design is a nice
    nice to meet you

  26. Bsmah Says:

    Congratulations Nehal
    Good luck all the live
    Gooooooooooo,my Dear

  27. jojo.fr Says:

    Congratulations noney
    I hop more in the future
    your teacher is so great
    nice to meet you Mrs.sarah
    nehal is very lucky,because you are her teacher

  28. 3nood_d Says:

    Congratulations nehal
    You are special girl

  29. afnan Says:

    helo teacher sarah

  30. naholah95 Says:

    الى صديقتي ……..

    طفت في جميع الأرجاء

    لأبحث عن صديقة تمتاز بالوفاء

    تشتاق للزهور وتحلم بالمساء

    وتروي الخلان بحب وانتماء

    وتسبح بصدقها في الفضاء

    وتزيل العناء وتنشر الهناء

    إنها الصديقة الحسناء

    تزينها الرقة والبهاء

    وتمتاز بالفطنة والذكاء

    فهل لي منها رجاء

    أن نبقى دائماً على لقاء

    وأن نحافظ على عهد الأصدقاء

    وان نزيل عن غيرنا الأعباء

    وان نصحب العلم ونرفع اللواء

    وأن نتضرع للرب السماء

    بأن يظلل أمتنا بالارتقاء والبناء

    لنكون عند خالقنا شهداء

    على صحبة حملة الامانة ولبت النداء

    وهي على عهد الصدق والنصح في بقاء

    بقلم: نهال

  31. razan ❤ Says:

    Hello to all

  32. razan Says:

    hello to all 🙂

    how are you ??

  33. razan Says:

    I’m fine

  34. Norey Says:

    I like your story batolah
    It so use me in my life
    Really so great
    Thanks alote ….. 🙂

  35. tsarah12 Says:

    قدمت لنا الطالبة نهال كمال مفاجئة جميلة
    فقد جمعت صور معرض م77 عن المسئولية
    واخرجتها لنا في هذا العرض الجميل

  36. Nehal Says:

    Thanks alot>>
    sweety Teacher
    Iam so happy,
    Because I can’t add this video on youtube
    Merci 🙂

  37. razan Says:


    Those works great already 🙂

  38. Nehal Says:

    الدعوة للاسلام لغيرالعرب

    الدعوة للاسلام لغير لعرب

    انشاته يوم الخميس الموافق
    للمشاهدة ارجو الذهاب على الرابط المرفق


    على الفيس بوك

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