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Da3wah77 12/11/2009

Dear students ,

                     useful wibsites:








Now we will see the students work for Da3wa

Ala’a Abdul Jabbar

Shahad Al Nafeesah



Hajar Dossari


20 Responses to “Da3wah77”

  1. tsarah12 Says:

    Students will will start working on these sentences : )

    what the word ‘Islam” means?.
    The Arabic word “Islam” means the submission or surrender of one’s will to the only true God
    Islam (submission to the will of God) is the religion which was given to Adam, the first man and the first prophet of God, and it was the religion of all the prophets sent by Allah to mankind. Further its name was chosen by God Himself. It also means “peace” for it brings peace of mind as well as peace on the individual and the social levels

    Mankind and the universe were not created by accident or chance, but according to the plan of the Creator , ( Allah ).

    . Islam is an Arabic word that denotes submission and obedience to Allah. It also means “peace” for it brings peace of mind as well as peace on the individual and the social levels.

    (And whosoever desires a religion – other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who are lost.”
    (Qur’an, 3:85) .

    The shahada can be declared as follows:
    The English translation is:
    “I bear witness that there is no deity worthy to be worshipped but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger.”

    “Worship is an all inclusive term for all external and internal sayings and actions of a person that God loves.” In other words, worship is everything one says or does for the pleasure of Allah. This, of course, includes rituals as well as beliefs, social activities, and personal contributions to the welfare of one’s fellow human-beings.

  2. t. wedad Says:

    عزيزتي الأستاذة ساره :
    بارك الله فيك وأثابك على جهودك لخدمة الإسلام .
    أسأل الله أن يحفظك ويكثر من أمثالك وأقدم الشكر لكل طالبة تفاعلت مع المشروع وقدمت تصاميم لمشروع دعوه
    أختك /وداد الحماد

    • wa3d nasser Says:

      استاااااااااااذه وداااد
      انا وعد النااصر
      شخبارك وش علومك طمنيني عنك والله اشتقتلك

  3. tsarah12 Says:

    ُEman Assayed is one of our team
    This is her work ….May Allah protect her

  4. tsarah12 Says:

    A nother work for Da3wah77

  5. tsarah12 Says:

    C:\Users\Sara\Desktop\دين الله..gif

  6. Hajar Says:

    Peace be upon you.
    I love God first and thank you Sarah Iaastazh
    And ask God to help you and accommodate students participating
    And a lot of yourselves

    And a thousand thanks to you

    Asks you to: Hajar …

  7. tsarah12 Says:

    You are a good girl
    just give yourself tha chance .
    I hope a bright future .

  8. Hajar Says:

    Ihlen mentor

    Wesh Akhbarak?

    God I am blessed with a mild and share your design InshaAllah you like

    On the following link.
    Shuilin anyone else downloaded ..
    Forestry mouse on the design ..


    Dmte fine,,@,,

  9. tsarah12 Says:

    masha’a Allah Hajar
    Excellent desin
    May Allah make you useful for Islam and Muslims


  10. tsarah12 Says:

    مشاعر مضيفة من كينيا أسلمت …
    ترى ماذا فعلنا نحن لنصرة الدين الإسلامي ؟


  11. razan Says:

    This is sad that Muslims did not think to call her to Islam 😦

    We must contribute in supporting the right

  12. Asooma Says:

    اووووووه مسكينه
    الله يثبتها على الاسلام
    اللهم يا مقلب القلوب ثبت قلبي على دينك

  13. Nehal Says:

    الدعوة للاسلام لغيرالعرب

    انشاته يوم الخميس الموافق
    للمشاهدة ارجو الذهاب على الرابط المرفق


    على الفيس بوك

  14. Nehal Says:


  15. Nehal Says:

    قصيص يريد تنصير طفلين مسلمين
    فما نلقى سوى ردة فعل قوية دالة على قوة الثبات والتمسك بالدين
    اللهم ثبتنا على دينننا دين الحق http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3pg4LjRFfI&feature=player_embedded#
    اللهم انصرنا على كل من يريد ان يوقع بنا في الهلاك والعذاب

  16. سـبـحـان الـلـه الـعـظـيـم

  17. 123456 Says:

    مشكوره مرره الموقع رووعه

  18. m3nfsk Says:

    مشكوره من طالباتك

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